Frequently Asked Questions

Who should become a mystery shopper?
Mystery shoppers are adults of all ages, from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Mystery shopping is perfect for anyone who enjoys working flexible hours, who would like to earn high contract wages, and who would enjoy having variety in their work.

Do I need any special training or experience?
No previous experience or special training is required. If you can follow simple instructions and you like to shop, you'll do just fine. As long as you’re neat and responsible - you can succeed with our help. Our only requirement is that you be a US or Canadian citizen, 18 years of age or older. Mystery shopping is also an ideal job for senior citizens!

Can men be mystery shoppers?
Absolutely. As a matter of fact, some shopping assignments are for men only. This job is for women, men and sometimes the whole family.

Can I bring my children on my shopping assignments?
Yes! Mystery shopping is great for stay-at-home moms and dads. In almost every case, you can take your children shopping with you. There are even assignments where you might be asked to bring your whole family or a friend. For example: hotels, restaurants, resorts, country clubs, amusement parks, movie theatres and even airlines.


Who pays me?
The business that you shop for pays you. Payment options usually include automatic bank deposit, Pay Pal or mailed check. Western Union may be used in some remote areas.

Can I refuse certain assignments?
Yes. That's another great benefit of this job. Because you'll be working independently, you only have to accept the assignments that you are interested in.

Is there work where I live?
You can live just about anywhere in the United States or Canada and work as a mystery shopper. Because your services are valuable to every type of business in every community - all towns, cities and regions can provide great opportunities. We can connect you with work wherever you live.

Will I need to travel?
That’s up to you. Most of the time you'll be asked to work within your local area. But occasionally, some shopping assignments may come up that would require traveling to another town and possibly staying overnight at a hotel or you might even get to go on holiday with all expenses paid. Again, you choose only the shopping assignments you want. But, if you like to travel and would like to get paid to do it - accepting the long distance shopping adventures may be perfect for you.

Will anyone supervise my work?
The company that gives you your assignment will supervise all aspects of fieldwork. There is always someone available to help if you have a question or need a hand.

Is the registration fee a one-time only charge?
Our registration fee is a one-time only charge and it guarantees you Lifetime Membership with our organization. You will never be re-billed and your membership never expires.

Can you take the registration fee out of my first paycheck?
The money you make will be paid to you by the company you do the shopping assignment for. We will introduce you to the companies that hire you to shop - but we will not be employing or paying you. Since we will not be the ones paying you, there is no way for us to deduct anything from your pay. Your registration fee covers our administration costs and the mystery shopping provider service we provide.

Is it safe to give my credit card information online?
Yes. No matter what rumors you may have heard - it is much safer to give your credit card information online than anywhere else. Unlike going to a restaurant or giving your credit card to a clerk in a store, where strangers see your credit card number and expiration date - no one working at our company or on this website will ever see your credit card number or information as all transactions are handled by ClickBank, on their secured encrypted site.

What else do I need to know?
Everything you need to know about getting started as a mystery shopper is covered in our members website, but any additional information you might need will be provided by the company you’ll be shopping for.

How soon can I start shopping?
Right away! Sign up now and you could be working tomorrow!

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